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About us

The BAIDATA Association is helping to drive the development of data sovereignty and the data economy. Founded in collaboration with the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), BAIDATA implements research, development and training activities to help build the public-private data ecosystem. BAIDATA stimulates and supports regional shared data space pilot actions and promotes data space connectivity and interoperability with other regional and national data spaces and with the common European data market linked to this initiative.

You can also contribute to and benefit from data sovereignty and the data economy.


Our Mission


and provide an interface between European and Regional Data Spaces and their public-private ecosystems


leading European Data Space initiatives with Regional Data Space activities to build synergic partnerships, enhance activities and increase visibility, reach and impact


stakeholders together to improve and accelerate the use of data through pilot actions and training, assessment, internationalisation and promotional activities


new data-driven business models to improve business productivity, sustainability and efficiency


organisational efficiency to enable businesses to unlock the full potential of the data economy

What we offer

Benefits of belonging to BAIDATA

Become part of a leading international digital ecosystem

Connect and collaborate with companies and organizations whose strategic objective is the creation of the Common European Data Area

Increase the value of your data

Share and learn how organizations are making data a business asset

Increase your benefits

Participate in the development of data spaces, join the leading ecosystems and maximize the profitability of operations based on trusted (sovereign) access to quality own and third-party data

Increase your productivity

Adopt models and good practices in the management, exploitation and decision-making based on industrial and personal data

Develop new business opportunities

Discover and create new business opportunities in your activity sector or related sectors based on the sovereign use of data

Main activities


Are you a small, medium or large company? Are you a technology centre or university? Do you represent a cluster, association or public administration entity? Do you want to play an active part in the development of the data economy?

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