BAIDATA Connect is a set of services that help organisations participate in data spaces. These services include infrastructure, tools and resources to facilitate the creation, use and collaboration in data spaces.

BAIDATA Connect provides organisations with the tools and resources they need to realise the potential of data spaces.


Visualise the regional landscape of data spaces

The BAIDATA Data Spaces Radar is the place where you will find use cases that have been developed by BAIDATA members in different sectors and domains, ranging in maturity from conceptualisation to data spaces in production.


A platform for experimentation and innovation with data spaces

BAIDATA Space is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that provides a complete IDS data space infrastructure. This infrastructure is designed to be easy to use and scalable, making it an ideal choice for organisations of all sizes that want to experiment with data spaces. It is aimed at all organisations, public and private, that are interested in experimenting with data spaces.

Updated IDS data space infrastructure

Easy-to-use configuration and management tools

Expert support and accompaniment service

Conduct your proofs of concept and data space experiments without the need for infrastructure or development investment

Collaborate with other organisations to develop data space use cases

Enhance your products and services by incorporating data-driven services

In addition, thanks to the BAIDATA Voucher programme, it is possible to access this service free of charge

BAIDATA ecosystems

Join the revolution of data spaces!

BAIDATA Ecosystems is a service that seeks to generate data ecosystems through the BAIDATA data tables. These tables are a framework for dialogue between sectoral agents that aim to establish the foundations of the ecosystems, including which sectoral applications are to be developed, which data models and formats are to be used and which governance rules are to be established for these ecosystems.

It is aimed at all organisations, public and private, that are interested in participating in the construction of regional data ecosystems.

Participate in the generation of the data ecosystem in your sector

Collaborate with other partners involved in driving the data economy in your sector

Include your data in the sectoral data catalogue

Influence the definition of sharing rules and the foundations of data ecosystems

Be the first to hear about developments and pioneering projects in your sector in the field of data spaces

Discover new opportunities for collaboration with partners involved in the generation of the regional ecosystem in your sector