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Data spaces are still an unknown concept in Europe, although not for long, given the promotion of them by EU institutions and member states in their digitisation strategies. In the different countries, a race has begun among companies to see which are the first to connect to the future data spaces and benefit from them. In this sense, the BAIDATA association has put Spain and Portugal in a leading position with the launch of its training activities for June and July, with two courses in which there have already been about a hundred registrations. These official training programmes for BAIDATA partners offer the unique expertise of the International Data Space Association (IDSA) in shared and sovereign data spaces, as one of the leading initiatives in the development of the common European space, which has already helped to develop pioneering projects through its technology and standards such as the Catena-X Automotive Network and the Smart Connected Suplier Network.

These first training modules have an increasing level of specialisation, with a theoretical course on the fundamentals of data spaces and a practical course on how to operate in them. With the "introduction to dataspaces" sessions, those interested will learn about the key principles of this technology (interoperability, digital sovereignty, etc.) and the IDS reference architecture model, which is the standard promoted by the IDSA for the implementation of sovereign dataspaces, seeing the different roles and interactions between the components. They will also learn about its main advantages and how it differs from other data sharing technologies. Meanwhile, with the "data space configuration and use" sessions, they will learn how to develop and work in these data spaces, introducing them to the basic architecture of an IDS connector and the procedures and actions needed to set up and run an IDS data space, as well as the IDS Information Model, which allows to describe the data in a standardised way, so that any other member will be able to find the published data.

BAIDATA's goal is to gradually incorporate new training activities, from public awareness days to technical workshops for companies with the various assets of the association dedicated to the accelerated transfer of specialised knowledge. If you are interested in participating in them, join BAIDATA.

July 15, 2022

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